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lights out
nakajima kento/kawashima umika
Umichan hates the thunder. AU.
for all the umiken fans bec UMIKEN IS CANON

Thirty minutes after getting home, Nakajima Kento finds himself grabbing his umbrella after receiving a text from a certain someone. Kenchan, it reads, The power's out and I don't know what to do (´;~;`). It doesn't take much for him to change back into his discarded clothes and wet sneakers. He's rushing to the nearest bus stop to get to her now.

Umichan, his reply reads, Hang on. I'll be there in ten minutes.


Eleven minutes after Kawashima Umika receives his reply, she hears banging on her front door. She pouts a bit and checks her watch. 'He's a minute late,' she thinks, but is quick to forgive when she opens the door and feels her heart soften. "Umichan?" he breathes out. She notes that his umbrella is completely bent inside out, his clothes are dripping with a puddle already forming below him. His usual perfectly-waxed hair is wet and disheveled, sticking to his forehead while completely spread out like a lion's mane at the back. She reaches out and flattens it. He takes her hand and touches it to his cheek, giving her a concerned look.

Umika gives out a relieved sigh. "Kenchan.." She links her arm with his and pulls him inside. He stumbles in and closes the door behind him. She watches as he shuffles out of his sneakers. "I.. I didn't know the rain was this strong already.." She drifts off, eyes following the way his raincoat sled off his muscular shoulders. "Yeah.. I was lucky I caught the last bus! It would've taken me an hour to get here if I missed it." He slicks his hair back, tilts his head up and groans. Umika bites her lip.

"So, are you okay?" He asks. She nods. He looks around her apartment and counts the five candles she's lit. Power switches are turned off, and everything seems to be fine. He sneaks a glance at her. She's shivering while staring off into the distance. He chuckles and sits down next to her, hand wrapping around her waist. She makes a face. "Hey! Change out of that first! I have to mop after you, you know.." He narrows his eyes at her playfully, "The things you say after I went out of my way to go here.." Umika looks away blushing, "I never asked you to go here, so.." Kento sticks his lower lip out. "Ah, really? So, that means I can go, then-" He's getting up already when she pulls him back next to her with a desperate "No!".

Kento smirks to himself lets his hand find its way around her again. "Okay, okay.. Kenchan's staying." He ruffles her hair, gazing at her quietly with a nearby candle as the only light source. "Kenchan.." "Hmm?" he answers, hand drifting to her cheek now- slowly wiping away a tear that had fallen when he threatened to leave. "Go change. You might catch cold." She whispers, palm settling on the hand on her cheek. Kento sits still, thinking for a while before finally standing up. "Yeah, I should. What can I change into though?" Umika leads him into the bathroom and gives him the clothes he left the week before, when he spent the night after a difficult all-nighter.

Kento breaks into smile, "I can't believe you washed these!" He holds up the shirt and jeans he left. "Thanks, Umichan!" He grins. Umika looks down, a bit embarrassed, nodding like it isn't a big deal. He doesn't close the door when he starts changing, but Umika doesn't look when he does. After changing into his pants, load thunder unexpectedly roars through the air and Umika bursts in screaming. He doesn't even have time to react-- to the thunder, or to Umika suddenly breaking in, when he feels her face on his bare chest, crying.


She shakes her head, face still on his chest. Arms in the air with his shirt in one hand and a comb in the other, Kento wonders what would be the right thing to do. He can feel his chest dampening from her tears, and he makes a worried face. "Umichan.." He mumbles, gently maneuvering his body to somehow successfully put his comb and shirt on the sink without disturbing her. "Shhh.." he comforts after, embracing her gently. "Kenchan's here" He combs his fingers through her hair and gives a reassuring smile when she looks up at him with eyes still watering, he can't help but give her a little kiss on her forehead to soothe her even more.

"It's alright, okay? I'm here."

Umika sniffles, settling her cheek on his chest. When he's sure her breathing's gotten more stable, Kento taps her shoulders lightly. "C-Can I change now?" He asks in a humorous way. He feels a bit sad when her reply is a lonely half-nod, when he expected a flushed, apologetic "I'm sorry!". 'But then, that's what makes her adorable..' he thinks, ignoring the clenching feeling in his chest. Kento then changes into his shirt hurriedly, so he can be with her even a second quicker.


Exiting the bathroom, Kento sees Umiika sitting on the sofa with her knees to her chest. The thunder's been consistent, and the rain hasn't shown any signs of letting up. He sits beside her. She turns to look at him. He pats her head again. "Not scary, okay? Kenchan's here. I won't leave you tonight." He touches her hand lightly, waiting for him to hold it. When she doesn't, he takes it and intertwines it with his. He makes sure his hold is firm enough to comfort her, but not too tight.

"Kenchan.." She calls out. Her voice is too quiet for him to hear with the storm raging outside so he inches closer, until their faces are inches apart. "Umichan?" He replies, it comes out like a question. Umika looks at him, then at his hair. She touches his forehead with two fingers. Kento keeps his face unresponsive, waiting for a reaction. She places both hands on either side of his face gently, tracing his cheeks with her thumbs. Kento snickers. "Wha..?"

Umika shakes her head and pouts again, lightly tapping his face as a form of protest. He closes his eyes and murmurs a quick "Ouch". He opens his eyes again and mimics the face she's making. "Stupid Kenchan," she scolds, suddenly pinching his nose. This time, he doesn't hold back exclaiming. Umika moves away while laughing, screaming when Kento grabs her and pins her down to the sofa. He starts tickling her and she's kicking him off of her, but his hold is too strong. She manages to grab the pillow next to her and throw it at his face. He stumbles backward and she takes it as her chance to run to her room, making for her bed.

She hides under the covers, as if that would make a difference. After a few seconds, she feels the blanket lift up and Kento lie next to her. She braces herself-- expecting him to start tickling her any moment now. Instead, he pokes her cheek. She pokes his cheek back in response. He keeps his serious face, before puffing his cheeks. She laughs. He gazes at her for a few seconds, "I'm glad you feel better now" he says. Umika sighs happily. "You always know what to do to make me feel better, Kenchan. Thank you." Kento grins and gives a quick "Un!" before wrapping her in his embrace.

Kento watches as she closes her eyes, relaxing in his arms. He lets his eyes absorb every part of her-- from the length of her eyelashes, the slope of her nose, to how her lips look soft enough to kiss.. He forces his eyes shut and banishes any more indecent thoughts, finally falling asleep next to her.


Umika is the first to awaken. When she comes into consciousness, she takes in how close Kento's face really is. She wonders if their lips could touch if she purses hers. She gives it a thought, before deciding she shouldn't. She feels a bit thirsty, but finds herself unable to move-- trapped in Kento's tight hug. She's slightly annoyed, but a bit content. She observes how his shoulders slowly rise up and down, how his now-dried hair is falling over his forehead- in its natural state, no wax for show. 'I've never seen him like this..' She thinks, eyes now drifting to his lips- parted ever-so slightly.

All of a sudden, she's hesitant and nervous. She looks up at his eyes, then at his lips, then back at his eyes. He wouldn't know, right? And it wouldn't kill him if he found out anyway.. Umika purses her lips and feels them land on his. She closes her eyes and moves back, feeling embarrassed. She opens her eyes after a while and feels relief when she sees he's still asleep. For some odd reason, the relief she feels soon turns into disappointment. It's confusing. She furrows her eyebrows at him, watching as his expression remains unchanged. "Stupid Kenchan" she whimpers, finding it unfair that she can't stay mad at him for too long. It isn't too long before she drifts back to sleep.


Kento wakes up with the worst cramp ever. He tries to pull it away, but stops when he sees how content Umika looks. He lets himself get lost in her before snapping out of it. The sun is starting to peek out from her curtains. He knows they both have school today, but convinces himself that sleeping in might be not so bad.

He looks back at her and wonders why he never gets tired of watching her like this.. He brushes the stray hairs away from her face and smiles knowing he's the only person who's seen her like this. "It's like you're mine.. but you're not.." Umika stirs and he holds back a wince when she presses down on his arm. She opens her eyes at him. He kisses her forehead.


"Good morning, princess." He greets, kissing the tip of her nose. She musters a scoff, playfully giving him a light slap. He groans when she rolls off the bed, sitting up as he stretches out his arm. They look at each other with no words. Umika is still sleepy. She lies back down on Kento's lap and he inhales sharply. She glares at him. He gives her a forced smile. "Stupid Kento" she protests, getting up. He watches as she puts her chin on his shoulder.

"Umichan, breakfast?"

She nods. Kento grins. "What would the princess like?" She looks to her right and makes a hopeful face. "Waffles, ham, grapes, bacon and-" "Ehhhh~" Umika laughs with him. They stay like that until he stops and makes a serious face. Umika suddenly feels shy. "Eh? Kenchan? What are you thinking?" He thinks of what to reply. He looks outside the window, then back at her. He figures he won't lose anything if he tells her.. but he's afraid.

Kento shakes his head. "Nothing. It's nothing. We have to get dressed." He gets up, but Umika pulls him down. He falls on his back. Umika gets on top of him and pins him down. "U-Umichan?!" She's struggling. He knows he could easily overpower her if he wanted to, but he resists the urge to do so. "It's something! Definitely something! If you don't tell me.. I'll tickle you to death!" He opens his mouth to protest, but yells out when she actually starts tickling him.

He admits defeat after nearly crying. Umika looks pleased with herself. "You're really something, Umichan." She strikes a victory pose, proud of herself. Kento feels complete, somehow, realizing he could live like this every day of his life with her.. It's because he feels so sure, so fulfilled- that he is scared. He can't imagine a living a single day not seeing her anymore, not talking to her, not being able to spend time with her. It drives him helpless and desperate, that he's surprised.

Should he risk it? He lets his right hand tilt her chin up. She's waiting.



"What if I tell you.. that I've always loved you? How would you feel?"

Umika holds her breath.

Tags: kalandian, p: nakajima kento/kawashima umika
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